Judith & Charlie Fogarty conducting a Kirtan.

Kirtan is a beautiful, heart-opening experience of call-and-response chanting usually sung in the sacred language of Sanskrit. The leader sings a line or two and the participants repeat it back. Musical instruments accompany the singing, which can invoke inner states of harmony, ecstasy and bliss.

The sound vibration of Kirtan leads to a deep devotional experience of one’s personal connection to the Divine.

Judith & Charlie FogartyJudith & Charlie Fogarty lead Kirtan in Gloucester, MA.  Everyone is welcome and all that is needed to participate is an open heart. Judith plays harmonium and Charlie plays harmonium, tablas, various drums, singing bowls and the monochord.

They played at the First Boston Chant Festival with Ashara in 2010 through Shunyam Productions. Charlie also led a sound healing meditative journey there with his monochord to a packed audience of over 600 people. Also during the summer of 2010, Judith & Charlie led a Sunset Kirtan on Wingaersheek Beach with special guests Dave Russell, Charlie Braun, Holly Russell and Tony Silver. Over 150 people attended this blissful event, singing, dancing and playing in the sand as sunset so beautifully set.

Judith & Charlie also are on the sites (listed as “New England Kirtan”). Veena Shunyam sponsors and maintains all of the Kirtan sites. Please sign in to their Kirtan site to connect to Judith & Charlie’s upcoming Kirtan events as well as all of the Kirtan events in New England.

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